Psion Series 5

I wrote various pieces of software for the Psion Series 5. The only one to be released so far is FreeCrypt, a freeware encryption package using RC4 to offer fast, convenient and secure file encryption. This is frozen in public beta-testing but seemed to work; download it here.

Psion Netbook

SSH version 2

It is possible to get an ssh v2 client onto a Netbook. Here's how.

IRC and IM

It is also possible to get a functioning IRC client, and (with help from an external server) instant messaging to AIM, Yahoo, MSN and Jabber. Here's how.

CityMaps 2003

TomTom's abandoned CityMaps 2003 product requires you to install maps one at a time down the serial link. Fortunately, there's a way round this problem.


Fed up with EPOC Mail's lousy quoting (fixable with patches) and mangling of In-Reply-To and Reply-To headers (not fixable)? I was planning to write a program of my own to get this right, but someone else has already written pretty much what I was going to, and it's free: XJMail.

Nokia 7110

I use an infrared connection to my Nokia 7110 when I'm away from an ethernet link. Here's how it's set up. This will probably work on a Series 5 as well, but I no longer have one of those to play with.

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