The Great Summer Time Scam

In most countries these days, the clocks are changed twice a year - put forward in spring, and back in autumn. Why?

The governments that imposed this measure (without, incidentally, ever consulting the people they claim to represent) said that it was to "save daylight". This is typical of the sort of nonsense that one has come to expect from governments.

If they wanted people to go to work an hour earlier, why not just ask them to do so? Surely it would be simpler to set your alarm an hour earlier then usual when your workplace shifted, than to have all the chaos and confusion caused by telling everyone to change clocks at the same time?

No, the true reason for this is more subtle. Consider this: in spring, the government steals "taxes" an hour from you. In autumn, it gives it back.

What's happened to the interest it's been earning during those six months? Even at a consumer rate of 5% or so, that's a good minute and a half that they've kept. And they're taking that from everyone in the country...

Just look at the numbers. In the United Kingdom, that's over 150 man- years being taken away. Every single year.

Act now and reclaim your time. Even if you wouldn't use it yourself, just consider: why is the government stockpiling it, and why won't they admit it?

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