Yes, I do this sort of thing for fun.

The beasts in the Zoo
  1. refractory, a generic Cyrix300, the main workstation at present (containing a CD burner over the CD drive) (179.81 bogomips)
  2. coruscating, an IBM 330 Pentium 75, nameserver, local web server (29.70 bogomips)
  3. febrile, an IBM ValuePoint 486DX66, dial-up gateway and mail host (33.28 bogomips)
  4. alight, a Digital 486DX66, news server and NOCOL monitoring point (33.28 bogomips)
  5. incalescent, a Digital UDB (Alpha 166) (165.15 bogomips)
  6. Disc drive housing for incalescent
  7. a Minerva calculator (about 0.00001 bogomips for an energetic user)
  8. a Zip parallel drive
  9. a 10Mb Ethernet hub
  10. a no-name 56K modem
  11. microphone stalk for an AWE64 sound card

Not visible here: incandescent, a P166 (66.56 bogomips); shining, a PII-233 laptop (232.65 bogomips).