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0.6.5: 13Mar2000
	+ contributed: better openGL rendering
	+ cleaned up TFWindowOpenGL
	+ added new_handler to detect failed memory allocation
	+ started changing HFO::placePOVObject to HFO::placeObject
	+ changed TFDialogPPov to use PlaceObjectOptions
	+ HeightField now also contains a PlaceObjectOptions item
	+ added 3D color utility function to HeightFieldDraw
	+ cleaned up TFWindowOpenGL
	+ added PlaceObjectOptions class
	+ removed FlexArray subtypes, changed to specialized template
	+ changed FlexArray to be template-based
	+ fixed long standing HF window destroy bug which would crash the app
	+ colormaps are now global and allocated only once
	+ fixed bad inheritance hierarchy for TFWindow(Handler)
	+ source code is now (for the most part) const correct

0.6.4: 05Mar2000
	+ added doxygen tags to comments
	+ menu sensitivity for AutoRotate now works correctly
	+ linearScale now correcly handles smoothing factor
	+ upgrade to Gtkmm 1.1.9, configure.in now requires 1.1.9
	+ --generate and --generate_size are now processed after other options
	+ added --undo_levels flag
	+ added multi-level undo

0.6.3: 27Feb2000
	+ renamed Leveler menu to Connect
	+ contributed: added 4-layered Perlin noise generator
	+ contributed: added recursive diamond subdivision code
	+ added delete_event handler to TFWindowMain
	+ fixed broken linear scale function
	+ fixed incorrect HF read status flag after reading from file

0.6.2: 14Feb2000
	+ fixed remove() bug in flexarray.h
	+ started fixing closing of app when handling a HFWindow delete event
	+ fixed delete_event_impl for dialogs so the dialog is not de-allocated
	+ fixed incorrect use of Gtk::Style
	+ this also fixes the clobbered theme background in the main window
	+ fixed core dump with multiple POVRay traces
	+ added Leveler Dialog
	+ added Leveler Plug-in code
	+ view radio button menu now has correct default (3D Wireframe)

0.6.1: 07Feb2000
	+ menu sensitivity now works again
	+ fixed core dump in TFDialogMerge (bad pointer init)
	+ removed POVRay options from global options dialog
	+ FileIO is now more flexible/correct in it's name handling
	+ added export to GIMP
	+ POVRay render files now have a timestamp
	+ main menu is now complete
	+ fixed unfinished menu code core dump
	+ fixed the excessive flicker/redraw for the print settings dialog

0.6.0: 31Jan2000
	+ upgraded GUI code to Gtk--1.1.8
	+ the GUI code upgrade is not 100% done yet and it's quite possible
	  that it's a bit buggy. If you prefer stability over bleeding edge,
	  you're better off staying with 0.5.2.

0.5.2: 17Jan200
	+ added --large_limits for larger sliders
	+ changed RenderOptions OK button to be consistent with other dialogs
	+ added smooth checkbutton to TFDialogRenderOptions
	+ added smooth boolean to RenderOptions
	+ fixed bad refresh for preview in RenderOptions notebook/dialog
	+ change type #defines to typedef in GlobalDefs.h
	+ fixed bad size init when reading a HF from through Imlib
	+ fixed floating point exception when moving fast wire in non-wire mode
	+ fixed out-of-bounds rectangle calulcations in GuiBufferedDrawingArea

0.5.1: 10Jan2000
	+ rewrote HeightFieldExport to go with new style POV template files
	+ added TFDialogRender class: still not quite finished
	+ added RenderOptions class
	+ contributed: much better looking POV rendering
	+ fixed the hfDouble code I broke during the code cleanup
	+ fixed the superflous name generation for Height Fields
	+ fixed out of range colors in HFD when switching to a smaller colormap
	+ fixed the crater dialog elements which ran off the screen
	+ fixed core dump when deleting TFWH (bad delete of unused pointer)

0.5.0: 20Dec1999
	+ code cleanup + added colorspace selector to TFDialogPrintOptions
	+ switched to using config.h file for passing compile options
	+ inserted i18n gettext wrapper around translatable strings
	+ added gettext code to configure.in and created po and intl dirs
	+ added dummy menu array where needed to fool xgettext extraction
	+ fixed core dumps resulting from bad HF deletion in HF::init()
	+ HFC::setData() is now protected and wrapped by HF::init()
	+ further untangled initialization routines for HF and HFC
	+ rewrote the HFC::[set|get]El* methods to fall back on El()

0.4.8: 07Dec1999
	+ fixed the blanked out paper drawing area for the print settings dialog
	+ code cleanup: much of the core structures has been altered 
	  and rearranged. The interfaces to the core HF classes has been 
	  expanded and cleaned up, unnecessary dependencies have been 
	  decoupled and the design now forces you to write clean(er)/safe(er) 
	  code (and forced me to clean up some of the worst spaghetti code). 
	  Terraform source code is now simpler and more consistent. 

0.4.7: 30Nov1999
	+ removed some unused variables from TFDialogOptions.h
	+ contributed: improved postscript output for contour lines
	+ contributed: added export to ACAD file format
	+ stole a better print dialog from dia 
	+ fixed Failed Sanity Check when previewing a HF of size 100 or smaller

0.4.6: 22Nov1999
	+ changed interface for HFE::exportContourLines (added HFD arg)
	+ contributed: contour lines export to Postscript 
	+ contributed: improved contour line algorithm 
	+ added global print settings class and print dialog
	+ GuiDialogYN can now takes argument to give it OK/Cancel buttons
	+ TFOpenGLArea::buildMesh now observes TFOptions::s_yscale
	+ added global print settings and Dialog
	+ added TFOpenGLArea and TFOpenGLWindow classes/files
	+ Merge result now has proper filename
	+ added (Mesa)GL detection code to configure.in and src/Makefile.am
	+ fixed syntax error on RedHat 6.0 in configure.in
	+ fixed 2nd redraw event when adding a new HeightField

0.4.5: 31Oct1999
	+ added delete_event handler to TFDialogMerge (fixes core dump)
	+ fixed refresh problems for TFDialogMerge when showing hidden dialog
	+ TFDialogMerge is now seeded with the menu's HF on HF windows
	+ changed --disable-debug to --enable-debug; better default (w/o debug)
	+ Merge dialog is now assigned to -M
	+ preview group frames now have as title the name of the source HF
	+ fixed broken merge modes in HFO
	+ plugged a bunch of memory leaks in HF and preview code in Merge dialog
	+ fixed core dump in Merge dialog for buttonpress without row select
	+ configure now uses the RPM_OPT_FLAGS setting

0.4.4: 28OCT1999
	+ fixed bad --disable-imlib processing in configure.in
	+ TFGui::buildAccel now required allocated array to prevent memory leak
	+ prevented unnecssary name generation for preview height fields
	+ fixed 2 typos for accelerator bindings in View menu
	+ HeightField::rescale now 'fixes' a constant height field
	+ Merge menu is now only accessible when 2 or more HFs are open
	+ added TFDialogMerge 
	+ added TFDialogTerrace 
	+ added HFO::terrace ()
	+ HeightField::backup/restore now save and restore the sealevel
	+ Transform Dialog preview now correctly observes the waterlevel button
	+ Transform Dialog now per default doesn't change the waterlevel
	+ put MainWindow CList in a Scrolled Window
	+ fixed broken accelerators for Colormap menu
	+ created RPMs and added them to download site
	+ configure.in now checks for gdk_imlib before checking imlib version

0.4.3: 18OCT1999
	+ added --dont_save switch
	+ added autosave settings code
	+ reworked HFG memory management, plugged a few memory leaks
	+ HeightFieldGenS* now deletes MathGauss when generation is done
	+ TFDialogGen*: HFG is now allocated and deleted in apply callback 
	+ added Clone menuitem to CList popup menu
	+ removed old/obolete code from TFDialogGenS*.cc
	+ TFCListWindowMain now only has appropriate entries sensitive
	+ TFGui::s_winList and TFCListWindowMain are now syncronized
	+ TFGui::cleanup now removes CList entries when a HF is closed
	+ removed unnecessary -limlib from link line 
	+ completed TFCListMainWin, added popup menu
	- added Calculator dialog
	+ added HFO::merge
	+ changed Exit Menu to Quit
	+ fixed broken POV export (bad init of static in terraform.cc)

0.4.2: 03OCT1999
	+ contour line maps now expire when terrain object changes
	+ 3DWire RadioMenuItem is now properly selected as default 
	+ added TFCListMainWin 
	+ added --pov_exec, HFE now observes this setting
	+ created HeightFieldCore, split up HeightField 

0.4.1: 08SEP1999
	+ more consistent titles in generation dialogs
	+ added TFGui::duplicateName() for more intelligent use of agename()
	+ added HF::getNewName() to standardize name creation 
	+ fixed core dump in HeightFieldIO (when reading file without extension)
	+ added support for BMP file format (read-only)
	+ removed obsolete else branches from dialog calls in TFWindow*.cc 
	+ Clone now properly copies the HF data it assigns
	+ added HF::getCopyOfData()
	+ added global HF counter for better name aging 
	+ added window CList to main window 
	+ declared Gtk 1.2.4 unsupported (contains bugs which break terraform)
	+ started fixing HeightFieldOps::PlacePOV() - basic stuff now works
	+ accelerators are now determined by underscores, removed accel defs 
	+ added TFWindow::buildAccel(), changed menu build code accordingly
	+ dialog titles now contain the name of the HF they're based on 
	+ re-enabled TFDialogOptions use from main menu
	+ TFDialogGen* now correctly uses TFGui functions to register the new HF
	+ TFDialogOptions now updates all HeightFieldWindows
	+ added function agename()

0.4.0: 01SEP1999
	+ dead windows are now deleted via a timeout from the delete queue
	+ added TFGui::s_deleteList, TFGui::scheduleDelete() and cleanup()
	+ disabled self-delete in TFWindowHandler::closeCallback()
	+ fixed core dump when closing HF
	+ wrote better window creation logic for TFDialogGen* dialogs
	+ PovRay output is now correctly shown/hidden
	+ TFDialogFlowmap now creates a new window for the flowmap
	+ added Clone function
	+ added --fixed_menus flag
	+ modified TFWindow to either generate a menubar or popup menus
	+ unified dialogs shared between main and HF windows in TFWindowBase
	+ terraform can now handle multiple edit windows simultaneously!
	+ extensive changes to GUI code and it's logical design
	  + added TFWindowMain.cc
	  + created TFWindowHandler.cc from TFGui
	  + rewrote TFGui so that all it does is init the proper gui sections 
	+ fixed incorrect clearList() in tf_flexarrCharPtr
	+ added --benchmark

0.3.8: 17AUG1999
	+ disabled some ./configure checks which break with GCC 2.95
	+ cleaned up (most) typecasts to conform to ANSI C++ cast operators
	+ added first, last, removeLast to FlexArray
	+ made FlexArray and GLib_Glist abstract, mem cleanup is now type safe 
	+ better abstraction & deletion memory management for glib wrappers
	+ if TRACE_DEBUG is set, pov rendering is echoed on screen
	+ yet lots more portability changes; now compiles with gcc 2.95
	+ fixed incorrect transformation for TL-BR (\) mirror
	+ wasted time playing CivCTP

0.3.7: 10AUG1999
	+ fixed core dump when deleteing old contour line map in HFD
	+ better memory management for delete of glib--glist and flexarray
	+ some portability changes (gcc 2.95) in struct definitions in MathTrig.h
	+ lots of portability changes (gcc 2.95) in connect_to_signal GUI code 
	+ added ./configure --disable-debug flag
	+ made stack trace debug code conditional
	+ added --pov30 flag for POVRay 3.0 compatability mode
	+ lots of cosmetic readability changes in *.h files
	+ POV rendering now observes environment variable TMPDIR for temp files
	+ updated POV calls to use correct command line options for POVRay 3.1
	+ fixed incorrect conditional for sgmltools in configure.in
	+ fixed core dump when initializing TFDialogGenSubdiv 
	+ verified that everything works with Gtk-- 1.0.2

0.3.6: 03AUG1999
	+ added -generate_size flag
	+ fixed constant generate size in HFGenerateRandom::generate()
	+ lots of code changes in large dialogs to avoid huge-objects warning
	+ created new web site layout
	+ new targets in doc/Makefile.am to process SGML docs
	+ converted documentation to SGML format
	+ spent some time figuring out how to internationalize terraform

0.3.5: 19JUL1999
	+ fixed defunct child processes (now calling waitpid in a timer) 
	+ POV render now correctly aborts when there's a problem opening files
	+ POV render can now observe waterlevel 
	+ HFD now deletes contour list when it is assigned a new one 
	+ RC file options are now reported in alphabetical order
	+ better defaults for FlexArray
	+ cleaned up option code, TFOptions now inherits TFOptionsTable
	+ made HFEExport::rederPov fork to execute Pov render
	+ added keepFiles parameter to renderPov, now works correctly
	+ added HFExport::renderPOV ()
	+ added POV params to RC file code and TFOptions code 
	+ added substitution of filename and other params before Pov redering 
	+ added strrep.cc (C type string replace)
	+ added model PovRay trace file (tf_land.pov)
	+ added Export->PovRay menu
	+ code cleanup in HF generate dialogs
	+ minor consistency changes in preview dialogs
	+ added user specifyable random number seed options to TFDialogCraters
	+ fixed bad assignment of d_scale in TFDialogOptions
	+ fixed extra redraw when changing display scale for an existing HF
	+ better HScale slider in TFDialogOptions.cc
	+ added proper (integer) display scaling code for contour lines
	+ added proper (integer) display scaling code for 2D draw mode
	+ optimized contour line drawing (added RBG image cache to HFD)

0.3.4: 05JUL1999
	+ made crater code more repeadable by separating random number streams
	+ fixed bad conversion of C++ string to C char* in input fields
	+ fixed bad division when calculating preview crosshair offset
	+ code cleanup in TFWindow.h (created MenuDefs.h)
	+ added TFDialogCraters
	+ stole crater code from hf-lab 
	+ better #ifdef code separation for with(out) Imlib in GuiDialogAbout
	+ file selection dialog now has title depending on mode (load/save)
	+ fixed potential core dump in HFD (bad init of d_contourList)
	+ added underscores (shortcut markers) and branch accelerators to menu
	+ code rearrangement in HFO and HFE
	+ removed unused class variables + methods from HFE
	+ HFD now correctly redraws when assigned a contourLineList in 2D mode
	- added WhirlPinch code
	+ fixed core dump in GuiDialogAbout() when compiling without imlib

0.3.3: 21JUN1999	
	+ better resource names for RC file 
	+ added promptOverwrite() to FileIO
	+ added --installrc flag
	+ added code to write user RC file 
	+ fixed lots of little incosistencies in trace level code 
	+ added (ugly) code to write settings to resource file 
	+ added rudimentary resource file code 
	+ added TFOptionTable class (glorified hash table)
	+ changes to help code, added --helprc
	+ more consistent handling of TFOptions class in TFDialogOptions
	+ added timestamping to HFE and selective drawing to HFD
	+ quite a few improvements/optimizations for HFE contour line code
	+ addex FlexArray class
	+ stole better error handling code from glib 
	+ portability enhancements in various header files 
	+ added optional drawing of contour lines for 2D Plane view 
	+ minor changes to menu structure
	- added TFDialogWhirlPinch
	+ added contour line (Isogram) code + TFDialogContourLines
	+ added 2D and 3D coordinate structs to MathTrig.h
	+ added Glib GList wrapper 
	+ added SIGSEGV signal handler 
	+ fixed Gtk---CRITICAL error in pixmap alloc (GuiDialogAboutDissolve.cc)
	+ fixed bad sanity check in TFDialogGaussianHill

0.3.2: 08JUN1999
	+ better HFO::linearScale()
	+ changed inproper use of (now) private Gtk-- method in TFWindow.cc
	+ many improvements to HFO::gaussianHill()
	+ HFM is now only constructed for main windows, not previews
	+ fixed preview crosshair refresh problem (when turning on preview)
	+ Makefile changes to enable proper lib dir assignment on Debian systems
	+ removed bad deletes (LinScale, PPov, RoughSmooth & Transform dialogs)
	+ added TFDialogGaussHill
	+ added HFO::gaussianHill()
	+ removed mysterious old code leftovers in HFO.h
	+ fixed bad fold() call in TFDialogFold::buttonCallbackApply ()
	+ code cleanup in HFO
	+ better Fold, can now actually be useful
	+ changed Erode, Flowmap, and Rescale to use TFBaseDialog
	+ added TFBaseDialog class

0.3.1: 23MAY1999
	+ added syncing of HF (when many dialogs are open and base HF changes)
	+ added timestamp to HF 
	+ reordered HF menu according to dialog type
	+ changed HFO::rotate90 data assignment from HF::setData to memcpy()
	+ TFGui now properly destroys all created widgets/dialogs
	+ fixed incorrect GUI check for PNG and TIFF file loads in readhf()
	+ fixed refresh problem in TFDialogTransform
	+ HF::setSealevel now forces valid range, used in HFO
	+ small interface changes in GuiColormap
	+ small trace output fixes in HFGenSubdiv, HFGenSSynth and HFD
	+ turning preview off now reverts preview image to original Height Field
	+ removed extra allocation of resized HF in HFO::hfResize()
	+ fixed incorrect d_sealevel init in HF::setData()
	+ fixed incorrect color band offset in trace output
	+ fixed/optimized HFO::rotate90:rotate270
	+ fixed core dump and optimized BL-TR mirror in HFO::mirror
	+ more leniant HeightField::destroyBackup ()
	+ fixed another bad init/potential core dump (backup in HeightField.cc)
	+ fixed bad init which dumped core when opening Fold dialog (TFGui.cc)
	+ fixed bad init which dumped core with gtk-themes engines (TFWindow.cc)
	+ regrouped connection code in dialogs inheriting TFPreviewDialog 
	+ better/saner Roughen&Smooth dialog
	+ added mouse button config to TFDialogLinearScale
	+ added crosshair utility function to TFPreviewDialog
	+ updated Fold, Mirror and Rotate to inherit TFPreviewDialog
	+ updated LinScale, RSmooth and Transform to inherit TFPreview Dialog
	+ changed 2D draw to use GdkRGB (which is much faster)
	+ added GdkRBG interface to GuiBufferedDrawingArea
	+ added gtkrc parsing, this adds support for Gtk themes

0.3.0: 09MAY1999
	+ smarter Pixmap recreation code in GuiBufferedDrawingArea.cc
	+ better HFD::setColormap interface
	+ fixed premature delete in HF::refresh ()
	+ changed TFDialogFill to inherit TFPreviewDialog
	+ added TFPreviewDialog
	+ fixed bad sanity checks in HFD::resetView()
	+ fixed incorrect array subscripts in HFO::hfResize()
	+ fixed infinite loop in HFO::hfResize()
	+ finally got GuiDialogPreview to work properly
	+ changed connections to virtual function impl in GuiBufferedDrawingArea
	+ centralized terraform options in new module 
	+ added separator to New submenu
	+ fixed core dump when generating random HF from GUI
	+ changed dialog behaviour so OK closes without action after Apply

0.2.11: 23APR1999
	+ added New->Random menu
	+ changed Exit shortcut to X
	+ modularized random generation code 
	+ converted preview dialog to use GuiBufferedDrawingArea
	+ added getColormap() to HFD
	+ more flexible HFD code (made terraform window optional)
	+ added --generate flag
	+ easier interface for HeightFieldGenSubdiv through 1 generate method
	+ fixed core dump in TFDialogPPov.cc (bad init triggered bogus delete)
	+ oops, didn't properly initialize a vbox in TFDialogOptions
	+ fixed sneaky window build bug (potential core dump on some platforms)
	+ changed order & default choice in GenSubdiv dialog for better default
	+ added configure support for imlib 1.9.x
	+ better preview dialog
	+ added fast backup/refresh code for HF
	+ made a better FAQ
	+ fixed excessive FastWireframe flicker (removed call to 	
	  GtkMain->events_pending when after syncing) 

0.2.10: 07APR1999
	+ Imlib forbids PNG and TIFF read before GUI is running
	+ added read support for PNG and TIFF files (using imlib) 
	+ files using imlib are now only compiled/linked when imlib is present
	+ made GuiDialogAbout setup code more generic
	+ added dissolving about dialog 
	+ modified GuiDialogAbout.* code to allow a build with and without imlib
	+ added drawPixmap to GuiBufferedDrawingArea
	+ started adding #ifdef code to make sure we can live without imlib
	+ added About dialog (uses imlib JPG read)
	+ created terraform specific defaults file (terraform.h)
	+ made imlib use default in configure.in 
	+ unused HFIO after writing erosion result is now properly deleted 
	+ disabled valid file type check for MAT read (still needs a real fix)
	+ fixed core dump in memory management of HFIO (when deleting char *)
	+ fixed core dumps in OCT and MAT file read
	+ fixed core dumps in PGM, PG8, MAT and OCT file write 

0.2.9: 30MAR1999
	+ partially fixed resize and refresh problems 
	+ added support of DEM and GTOPO30 file format (read only, experimental)
	+ roughness factor is now properly applied to iterative subdivisions 
	+ fixed core dump (+optimized code) for filling subdivision result
	+ generated HF now marked "not saved" -> triggers question upon Exit
	+ fixed occasional core dump in GuiDialogYN 
	+ HFD now calls TFWindow.setSize to make sure window is correctly sized
	+ TFWindow.setSize now resizes the window when it's really needed
	+ fixed core dump in extraction of requested subdivision result 
	  when requested size was odd 
	+ better Reload menu sensitivity (added d_loadedFromFile flag to HF)
	+ added menu accelerators
	+ fixed core dump in flowmap (removed too much code duing last cleanup)

0.2.8: 16MAR1999
	+ changed configure scripts for Gtk-- 1.0.x
	+ user can't resize anymore 
	+ general subdivision dialog (uses combo instead of OptionMenu)
	+ better recursive generation 
	+ 3 new subdivision routines (Diamond, Midpoint, Offset)
	+ middle mousebutton now resets view 
	+ modularized HFD init code
	+ better premature EOF recovery on other file reads 
	+ fixed core dump on recover from premature EOF on TGA file read

0.2.7: 02MAR1999
	+ changed configure scripts for Glib/Gtk+ 1.2.x and Gtk-- 0.99.x
	+ fixed core dump in HeightField.cc (d_size was not updated properly)
	+ added support for non 2^n sized HFs to subdivision code
	+ MathGauss now inherits from MathRandom
	+ better random number generator
	+ changed File/New into a Branch
	+ added dialog for subdivision
	+ added subdivision HF generation code (needs some more work)
	+ reorganized generate code
	+ added GuiDialogPreview class 
	+ better default size for TFDialogMirror
	+ better cache refresh for MFD flowmap
	+ deleted extra/leftover write at end of flowmap
	+ added optional name to HeightField constructor
0.2.6: 22FEB1999
	+ fixed TFDialogErode.cc to work with Gtk-- 0.11.2 
	  - released right this morning, talk about bad timing 

0.2.5: 21FEB1999
	+ fix in TFGui.cc to prevent failed sanity check after New->Cancel->New
	+ better Generate dialog: replaced magnitude with generate seed option
	+ upslopeMFD() flowmap now properly sizes cardinal vs diagonal inflow
	+ changed most C-type casts to static_cast<> or dynamic_cast<>
	+ added dynamic_cast<> check in configure.in
	+ configure now checks for Imlib, supports --disable-imlib 
	+ better closing code for TFDialog*, now closes before action starts
	+ added 'Trim Local Peaks' option to TFDialgErode 
	+ fixed erode so that local peaks won't (relativeley) rise like spikes
	+ now using Timer in flowmap()
	+ various consistency changes in TFDialog*.cc
	+ changed Box offsets to variables in TFDialog*.cc 
	+ cosmetic static variable rename in GlobalTrace
	+ added 'Keep Zero Elevation' option to TFDialogFill 
	+ fill can now preserve minimal (0) elevation points (prevents rescale)
	+ added --enable-hugeobjects to configure; some egcs versions need this
	+ cleanup of configure.in 
	+ removed GuiDialog3Frames.* from distribution 
	+ better GlobalTrace (added trace()), changed GlobalTrace references
	+ better Glib_Hash: overloaded '==' operator
	+ better Timer: better consistency checks, added getElapsedSeconds
	+ created setData() in HeightField to enable passback of flowmap()
	+ fixed dot trace HFO::erode() + code cleanup
	+ better NO_FLOW usage in HFO::flowmap(), fixed nasty 0 upslope bug
	+ oops, wrong boolean param for erode(observeSealevel) in TFDialogErode

0.2.4: 07Feb1999
	+ various other little fixes 
	+ code cleanup in TFDialog*
	+ added Fill dialog
	+ added GNU style options
	+ big endian support for MAT should now work properly
	+ cleaned up configure.in some more, added BIG_ENDIAN check
	+ added erosion dialog
	+ added erosion code (still needs some/a_lot_of work)
	+ AutoRotate is now only selectable when FastWireframe is selected
	+ AutoRotate now has a calibration routine and won't gobble CPU anymore
	+ added Timer code
	+ configure now tests for required C++ features 

0.2.3: 25Jan1999
	+ verified that Gtk-- 0.11.1 works without any changes
	+ fix to enable proper initial size for Gtk-- 0.11.x
	+ cleanup configure script 
	+ menus are now only selectable when they should be (finally)

0.2.2: 24JAN1999
	+ changes to go from Gtk-- 0.10.3 to 0.11.0
	+ added 'RedHot' colormap
	+ added 'Desert' colormap
	+ better color handling code for model/preview 
	+ proportional coloring of (slow) wireframe 
	+ better linear colormap

0.2.1: 07JAN1999	
	+ quick fix release before I go on vacation
	+ fixed core dump when generating HF after invoking terraform with -f
	+ better seed for generate dialog

0.2.0: 06JAN1999
	+ better default and sanity checks for linear scale, added scaleFactor
	+ added fill sea option to fast wireframe
	+ added options dialog frame for fast wireframe 
	+ added/integrated fastWireframe mode, real time rotate 
	+ added HeightField Model
	+ changed button default for Rescale dialog
	+ added alterScale method to HFD 
	+ added C++ wrapper for glib hash table 
	+ various other fixes + improvements
	+ various minor fixes to new IO code + calling code
	- menus are now only selectable when they should be (disabled)
	+ made first attempt at Linear Scale dialog
	+ stole code for half/double from hf-lab
	+ added ElclipSea inline funcion
	+ fixed incorrect call for Smooth menu selection
	+ fixed core dump when updating frame title (TFDialogRoughSmooth.cc)
	+ fixed core dump when using non-existing rescale dialog
	+ removed incorrect button delete in TFDialogFlowmap (caused core dump)

0.1.2: 27DEC1998
	+ 1 change to go from Gtk-- 0.10.2 to 0.10.3
	+ added 'observe sealevel' button to Flowmap dialog
	+ general facelift: most dialogs now have a frame, looks better
	+ added default/optional frame to GuiDialog* code
	+ invert now doesn't change the sea level anymore
	+ added dot trace to new IO code
	+ added dot trace to flowmap code
	+ added proper check for existance of -f file 
	+ stole code for extra file format I/O from hf-lab
	+ stole nicer rotate dialog from gimp rotate plugin 
	+ changed incorrect title in TFDialogTransform
	+ converted potentially dangerous strdup pointers delete to free
	+ resize dialogs to make it go better with the smaller font
	+ change from menu_factory to icon_factory 
	+ cleaned up memory leaks in TFDialog* code 
	+ this forced a re-think/cleanup of callbacks, now virtual functions
	+ changed to smaller font, looks nicer

0.1.1: 22DEC1998				a.k.a. the Christmas release
	+ generate seed is now refreshed every time dialog is called
	+ cleaned up callback code in TFGui.cc
	+ make menus safe from !HF
	+ added flowmap option dialog
	+ fixed roughen/smooth selection 
	+ added 'observe/ignore Waterlevel' option to flowmap
	  - must still add to dialog
	+ changed slider default in TFDialogRoughSmooth.cc to 1
	+ changed incorrect title in TFDialogFlowmap
	+ oops, no rescale() after flowmap
	+ flowmap now produces more reasonable output (uses log istead of LN)
	+ changes to adapt from Gtk-- 0.10.1 to 0.10.2
	+ updated configure scripts for new versions

0.1.0: 07DEC1998
	+ fixed core dump upon exit without height field
	+ add configure scripts
	+ fix optionmenu (removed it from TFDialogOptions)
	+ do colormap switching code
	+ implement RoughSmooth stuff
	+ implement some sort of caching to speed up [MS]FD caclulations
	+ implement MFD
	+ implement SFD
	+ make sure replacing a HF cleans out memory
	+ fix linear scale 
	+ implement TFDialogPPov
	+ fix root window option menu 
	+ figure out proper drawing sizing/placement
	+ remove constants in init code (400)
	+ make sure we sync after having drawn a height field
	+ fix fold
	+ implement smooth
	+ implement roughen
	+ change Generate fractal dim slider to values 2 .. 3 (remove H-h code)
	+ add 'real component', 'reverse cos/sin' options for TFDialogGenerate 
	+ ooops, forgot to set d_scale in setScale in HFD
	+ add scaling to 2-d view
	+ get resize to work
	+ do the proper math for colormap bands (+ land offset) in HFD
	+ modal YN dialog -> GuiReallyQuitDialog
	+ rename to terraformer
	+ write dialog example code
	+ write optionmenu example code
	+ HFDialogRoughen: make a real check/radio button
	+ open/save file dialog, connect buttons to methods
	+ connect remaining menus
	+ integrate old mode code
	+ remove the sorting and stats code from HF
	+ port to GTK--

0.0.2: Spring 98
	+ port to XForms, nice menus 

0.0.1: Fall 97
	+ first version, ran under plain X11, added color code