Chapter 1. Terraform Overview

Table of Contents
What is Terraform?
What systems does it run under?
What dependencies does it have?
How is it distributed?
Why are you writing it?
How complete is it?
What is your goal/mission with it?
What about Photorealistic output?
How can I contribute?
A Call to Arms!
Wow. What are you on?

This section covers questions that pertain to Terraform as a whole.

What is Terraform?

Terraform is an interactive fractal landscape generator/viewer. It allows you to create fractal terrain (also called a height field) and transform it using a number of algorithms. It is meant to be a tool for those who want to generate digital terrain models for use in raytracing or other simulations. It's written in C++ using the GTK (actually Gtk--) widget set and as such has a non-sucking graphical user interface.