Chapter 3. Building Terraform and General Troubleshooting

Table of Contents
How can I compile terraform?
Something's wrong. Where should I look first?
How do I submit a bug report and why should I bother to do so?
Do I really need imlib?
I get compile errors like about -fhuge-objects
I get link errors about undefined reference to `Gtk_Object::signal_connect
I get link errors about differing symbol sizes in GuiBufferedDrawingArea
Terraform segmentation faults upon startup (bt points to
Something doesn't work. How can I see what's going on?
Terraform crashes. What useful information can I provide to the author?
Terraform exits with a failed SanityCheck.

This sections covers some of the things that may go wrong when you try to build or run terraform.

How can I compile terraform?

Assuming you've downloaded the source archive, you should be able to do the following:

tar -xvzf terraform-0.x.x.tgz
make install