Does terraform support resource files?

Yes. Terraform will check for (and read) TF_DATADIR/system.terraformrc and then $HOME/.terraformrc where TF_DATADIR is a variable set at compile time. To find out the resource file settings terrafrom was compiled with, you can say

terraform --helprc

and it will tell you what it's resource file locations are. To install a terraform resource file, you can use the builtin method of

terraform --installrc

to have terraform write the configuration file .terraformrc with the default settings to your home directory. Finally you can say

terraform --helprc

to see the resource file settings terrafrom was compiled with and get a list of supported resource file options.

The format of the resource file is very simple. The first 2-letter prefix of the option name refers to the option's type and thus specifies what kind of paramter it expects:

Terraform resource file parameter types

Resource PrefixData TypeSample Data
b_boolean0(FALSE), 1(TRUE)
i_integer1, 2, 3, 4, ...
f_float0.1234, 987.321, Pi, ...
s_stringany string, typically a file name/path