I get compile errors like about -fhuge-objects

I get compile errors like: TFDialogOptions.h:87: sorry, not implemented: object size exceeds normal limit for virtual function table implementation, recompile all source and use -fhuge-objects

Yes, certain verions of egcs seem to need this flag in order to compile terraform. As of version 0.3.6 I've rewritten most of the GUI code to use dynamic memory allocation (vs. allocating objects on the stack), so if you get this error, you should mail me about it so I can rework some code internals in order to avoid this warning. This is a CPU-type specific feature, so what may work on one type of CPU, might result in a huge-objects error on another platform.

In order to compile the version you have, simply re-run the configure script as follows:

configure --enable-hugeobjects

You should then see the flag -fhuge-objects being passed to g++ during the compile process. If you need this, you should be aware that both your Gtk-- and all other programs using it need to be compiled with the same -fhuge-objects flag.