I get link errors about undefined reference to `Gtk_Object::signal_connect

I get link errors like: TFWindow.o: In function `ItemFactoryConnector[TFWindow, basic_string [char, string_char_traits[char], __default_alloc_template[true, 0] ] ]::connectTo(Gtk_Widget *) const': TFWindow.o(.ItemFactoryConnector[TFWindow, basic_string[char, string_char_traits[char], __default_alloc_template[1, 0] ] ]::gnu.linkonce.t.connectTo(Gtk_Widget *) const+0x23e): undefined reference to `Gtk_Object::signal_connect(char const *, void (*)(...), void *)'

This is usually the result of having different compile options for glib, Gtk+ and Gtk--, specifically the -pedantic option. Make sure you use the same '-pedantic'ness for each of these libraries. Either all or none of these should be compiled with -pedantic.