Terraform crashes. What useful information can I provide to the author?

If you've downloaded the precompiled executable you can't do much at this point as the executable is stripped of all debug information. The best thing is probably to send me an email describing what you did.

If you compiled your own executable from the source code, please recompile terraform with the -g flag (add the -g flag to the TF_CFLAGS and TF_CXXFLAGS variables in terraform/src/Makefile). Then use gdb (or any other debugger) to send me a stack trace:

gdb ./terraform
r [append any necessary options here]
.... this will run until it crashes ...

The bt command should give you a stack trace which should help me figure out what went wrong. You can use ./configure --disable-debug to compile an executable without the built in stack trace facility.

If you downloaded the static executable, don't bother doing this as your executable has been stripped off all debug information; as such the information above only applies if you compiled your own executable. Thank you for your cooperation.