How complete is it?

Well, it's slowly getting there. The first public release (0.1.0, released 07DEC98) was very rudimentary and contained lots of bugs.

As of release 0.2.10 (relased 07APR1999) things look a lot better: Terraform is now a lot more complete and doesn't crash as much while having gained lots of functionality.

As of release 0.3.1 (released 23MAY1999) things look better again. The dialogs have been upgraded to a real time preview dialog and I've fixed quite a few bugs, some of which caused seemingly random crashes on some platforms.

As of release 0.4.4 (released 28OCT1999) we have a pretty complete set of dialogs and an engine that can keep mulitple heigt fields open in parallel.

The current version (0.4.4) should support more features and hopefully less bugs.

It's come quite a way but still has ways to go before I have it doing what I want. Please realize that I have a job and a life and that I'm writing terraform after work at night or on weekends. As such my progress will at best be steady but certainly not lightning-fast.