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What are you doing reading this? You found this page, so you probably know who I am anyway. Read some of the interesting stuff.

A note on policy: I don't aim to keep up with the Latest HTML Features. There are no frames, no imagemaps that take half an age to load (just what's required by web-rings), no Java or Javascript applets. About the only vaguely advanced things on these pages are the tables - not too many, I hope.

Free Encryption Online: Golden Key Campaign Free Speech Online: Blue Ribbon Campaign

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My current computer zoo (donations welcome)

Psion index page

Computer gaming

Incarnadine's Unreal Tournament

VGA Planets index page


Rôle-playing index page

Crimson Skies (rôle-playing and wargaming material here)


Full Thrust page


The Campaign for the Rehabilitation of the Ontologically Challenged

The Great Summer Time Scam

Fed up waiting for search engine homepages to load? Make a copy of my Search Page on your hard drive...

Kalashnikov Roger's Page O' LARTs

I'm on various web rings - check out the Ring Crossover for more details...

Off-site links

Schlock Mercenary (a comic series by Howard Tayler). I read a lot of webcomics; this is my current favourite.

Inform page (a compiler for Infocom-compatible adventures)

See also the author's own page.

Psion (makers of fine palmtop computers)

And finally... my PGP and GPG keys. GPG is to be preferred. Now that MD5 cannot be considered secure, and given the security and privacy problems associated with PGP v5, I recommend that you upgrade to GPG as soon as possible.

See the GPG home page for more information on GPG; there is also a PGP home page. Note that the commercial edition of PGP is normally, in a corporate environment, set up to enable key and message recovery by the administrator... and, as expected, this is not as secure as NAI had claimed.

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